Martin Gardner Obituaries

Martin Gardner died on Sat, 22 May 2010, after a short illness. His friend James "The Amazing Randi" was one of the first to publically comment, in his blog linked below. Many high profile obituaries followed, not all of them fully accurate.

A week later, the New York Times ran an affectionate tribute in their puzzle blog, which included the following wonderful matchstick morph---it's an animated gif---by "Justin Thyme" (a.k.a. Gary Antonick), included here with his permission.

Martin Gardner A Fond Farewell

(Patience is required: the initial "Martin Gardner" changes into a relevant message if one waits and watches. Click the image to reset it.)

It's particularly apposite, as Martin's first published pamplet was Match-ic, in 1935.

In addition to formal obituaries, we below link to personal reflections and essays that appeared soon after Martin's death. Another page has a selection of additional appreciations.


        New York Times (23 May 2010, Douglas Martin)

        NBC News Times (23 May 2010, )

        Huffington Post (23 May 2010)

        The Times (24 May 2010, Matt Parker)

        Mathematical Association of America (24 May 2010)

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        United States Chess Federation (28 May 2010, Tom Braunlich)

        The Independent (29 May 2010, Morton Schatzman)

        The Economist (3 Jun 2010)

        Time (7 Jun 2010, Rudy Rucker)

Moscow Center for Continued Mathematical Education
(на русском, 2010, Constantin Knop)


        "My world is a little darker" at JREF (22 May 2010, James Randi)

        "Martin Gardner, 1914–2010" at Bad Astronomy/Discovery magazine (22 May 2010, Phil Platt )

        "Martin Gardner: Rest in peace, good old man" at (23 May 2010, Richard Dawkins )

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        "Scholars and Others Pay Tribute to 'Mathematical Games' Columnist Martin Gardner" Scientific American (25 May 2010, John Allen Paulos, Douglas Hofstadter, Dennis Shasha, Ian Stewart, the comments by others including Rudy Rucker & Michael Patrick Hearn)

        "Missing Martin Gardner: The Skeptic Who Believed in God" Huffington Post (25 May 2010, Karl Giberson)

        "R.I.P. Martin Gardner and Mars Rover Phoenix" on Diffusion (starts 25 minutes into podcast,31 May 2010)

        "Note on Martin Gardner" in Korzybski Files (28 May 2010, Bruce Kodish)

        "Martin Gardner" in The Oz Enthusiast (29 May 2010, Bill Campbell)

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        "On the Slant" in Genii (Aug 2010, Jon Racherbaumer), also in Word Ways (Aug 2010) available here.

        "A Tribute to Martin Gardner" at The Free Library, from Word Ways (Aug 2010, Harold P. Jacobs)

        "Remembering Martin Gardner" in MAA Focus (Aug/Sep 2010, Peter Renz, John Derbyshire, Don Albers, Ian Stewart)

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        A Polymath to the Nth Power in Skeptical Inquirer (Vol 34, No 5, Sep/Oct 2010, Ray Hyman)

        Other Tributes to Martin Gardner in Skeptical Inquirer (Vol 34, No 5, Sep/Oct 2010, various)

        Martin Gardner, el mago de la divulgación en La Gaceta de la RSME, (Vol 13, No 4, 2010, Pedro Alegría & Santiago Fernández)

        "Memories of Martin Gardner" Notices of the AMS (Mar 2011, Steven G. Krantz, Persi W. Diaconis, Ronald L. Graham, Donald E. Knuth, James Randi, Peter Renz, Raymond M. Smullyan)

        "Adiós a Martin Gardner"