Gardner in the New York Times

The New York Times has been very kind to Martin in recent years, especially in its online puzzle blog, thanks to avid Gardner fans and writers John Tierney, Mutalik Pradeep, and Gary Antonick.

Here is a list of relevant pieces, kindly provided by Gary.

        Martin Gardner’s Aha! Moments (19 Oct 2009)

        Martin Gardner’s Birthday Celebration (19 Oct 2009)

        For Decades, Puzzling People With Mathematics (20 Oct 2009)

        Let the Martin Gardner Celebrations Continue! (26 Oct 2009)

        Martin Gardner Prize (6 Nov 2009)

        A Fond Farewell to Martin Gardner (31 May 2010)

        The Playful Mr. Gardner (7 Jun 2010)

        The Colored Socks Puzzle (1 Oct 2012)

        The Two Child Problem (22 Oct 2012)

        Martin Gardner’s The Monkey and the Coconuts (7 Oct 2013)

        Martin Gardner’s ‘The Annotated Alice’ (14 Oct 2013)

        Martin Gardner's Big Surprise (21 Oct 2013)

        Col. George Sicherman’s Dice (16 Jun 2014)

        Martin Gardner: The Three-Card Swindle (13 Oct 2014)

        Remembering Martin Gardner (20 Oct 2014)

        Ignited by Martin Gardner, Ian Stewart Continues to Illuminate (27 Oct 2014)

        George Sicherman’s Pool Puzzles (26 Jan 2015)

        Martin Gardner's Impromptu (30 Nov 2015)

Of course, the NYT ran an obituary in May 2010, a day after Martin died:

        Martin Gardner, Puzzler and Polymath, Dies at 95 (23 May 2010, Douglas Martin)

Martin's centennial year kicked off in style with a New York Times piece on his memoirs by magician Teller:

        The Brainteaser, ‘Undiluted Hocus-Pocus,’ by Martin Gardner (3 Jan 2014)