Martin Gardner Appreciations

Here we gather some of the huge number of essays and apppreciations which exist, for now favoring those easily available online. Some were under the guise of book reviews.

Another page has a selection of formal obituaries (and reflections) which appeared in the wake of Martin's death on 22 May 2010. In addition, some of the reviews of Martin's memoirs are essentially appreciations. There is also a Canadian TV documentary.

        "Martin Gardner: A Major Shaping Force in My Life" in Scientific American (1993, Doug Hofstadter, online 24 May 2010)

        "Profile: Martin Gardner, the Mathematical Gamester" in Scientific American (Dec 1995, Philip Yam)

        "The Philosophe from Tulsa" in The Bactra Review (Jun/Nov 1997, Cosma Shalizi)

        "Reflexivity and the Trickster" from The Trickster and the Paranormal (Xlibris, 2001, George Hansen)

        "Hermits and Cranks: Lessons from Martin Gardner on Recognizing Pseudoscientists" Scientific American (Mar 2002, Michael Shermer)

        "In The Name Of Skepticism: Martin Gardner's Misrepresentations of General Semantics" General Semantics Bulletin (Vol 71, pages 50–63, 2004, Bruce Kodish)

        "Martin Gardner: Genius Debunker" The Yukon News (Mar 2004, Geoff Olson)

        "A final comment on Martin Gardner" (Mar 2005, Joe M. Turner)

        "Martin Gardner on David Bohm and Krishnamurti" Random ramblings (May 2005, nIlagrIva)

        "A glance at the current issue of Notices of the American Mathematical Society: Appreciating the beauty and magic of mathematics" Chronicle of Higher Education (23 Jun 2005, Peter Monaghan)

        "Toys, Tricks, and Teasers–Gardner's Mathemagic" Make (Vol 13, Mar 2008, Donald E. Simanek)

        "When You Were a Tadpole and I Was a Fish" Washington Post (22 Oct 2009, Michael Dirda)

        "Martin Gardner and the Three Way Duel" Math Goes Pop! (28 Oct 2009, Matt Lane)

        "Gathering for Gardner" Wall Street Journal (2 Apr 2010, Robert P. Crease)

        Martin Gardner, 1914-2010: A Personal Remembrance" Numbers/Form/Pattern (24 May 2010, Don Cornell)

        "Scholars and Others Pay Tribute to 'Mathematical Games' Columnist Martin Gardner" Scientific American (25 May 2010, various)

        Selections from "Martin Gardner’s Corner" Magic (Jul 2010, Jason England)

        "For Martin Gardner and Friends Part 1" (2010 video, Raymond Smullyan)

        "In praise of a deservedly popular mathematician" Atlanta Journal and Constitution (21 Oct 2010, Colm Mulcahy)

        "About Martin Gardner" (Mar 2011 video, Scott Kim)

        "Memories of Martin Gardner" Notices of the AMS (Mar 2011, Steven G. Krantz, Persi W. Diaconis, Ronald L. Graham, Donald E. Knuth, James Randi, Peter Renz, Raymond M. Smullyan)

        "The puzzling life" Live Mint & WSJ (12 Oct 2012, Dilip D'Souza)

        "Flexagon but Not Forgotten: Celebrating Martin Gardner’s Birthday" Scientific American (19 Oct 2012, Evelyn Lamb)

        "Martin Gardner (1914-2010)" Ludus (Oct 2011, Jorge Nuno Silva)

        "Martin Gardner -- The Best Friend Mathematics Ever Had" Huffington Post (20 Oct 2013, Colm Mulcahy)

        "Celebrations of Mind Honor Math’s Best Friend, Martin Gardner" Scientific American (29 Oct 2013, Colm Mulcahy)

        "Armand T. Ringer" Pajama Guy (27 Jan 2014, LA Guy)

        "Martin Gardner: The Most Interesting Man in the World" The Millions (12 Feb 2014, Ted Gioia)

        "The puzzling life of Martin Gardner" Cosmos (24 Feb 2014, Jason England)

        "Games of the maths genius: Compilation of geniuses" DNA Indian (1 Mar 2014, Suresh Menon)

        "Fans of math icon Martin Gardner gather in Atlanta" Atlanta Journal and Constitution (18 Mar 2014, Bo Emerson)

        "Mathematician, Magician, Mysterian" Notices of the AMS (Apr 2014, Adam D. Rigny)

        "Magical Mathematics—A Tribute to Martin Gardner" AMS Feature Column (1 Apr 2014, Joseph Malkevitch)

        "Martin Gardner, Genius of Recreational Mathematics" NPR's Weekend Edition (12 Apr 2014, Keith Devlin)