Martin Gardner & Logic

The very first article Martin wrote for Scientific American was "Logic Machines" (Vol 186, No 3, pages 68–73, Mar 1952).

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It begins,

"The ancient idea of a device which would test the validity of a system of thought has recently made progress. A very simple machine can be made with page 71 of this magazine."
Page 71 is shown above, along with part of page 70, which explains the activity.

It was reviewed by Alonzo Church in J. Symbolic Logic Vol 17, Issue 3 (1952), page 217.

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In due course, Martin expanded that article into the second book he wrote, Logic Machines and Diagrams (McGraw-Hill, 1958, 9 + 157 pages), though that didn't appear until after Mathematics, Magic and Mystery (Dover, 1956), which had been written later.

The book was reviewed by W. Mays in J. Symbolic Logic Vol 24, Issue 1 (1959), pages 78–79.

Dover retitled this as Logic Machines, Diagrams and Boolean Algebra for paperback issue in 1968.

A second edition reverted to the original title, had two completely rewritten chapters (including new material on AI), and a foreword by Donald Michie (University of Chicago Press, 1982, 14 + 165).

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