Martin Gardner Tweets

Martin Gardner Tweets

There are three twitter feeds directly associated with Martin Gardner, and recent tweets from all of them may be viewed inline below. First, we offer a few words of explanation as to the nature of each account.

@G4GCelebration is concerned with the Celebration of Mind outreach initiative.

@MGardner100th is in honor of Martin's centennial year, and draws attention to his legacy via quotes by and about him, links to his works, reviews of his books, appreciations, and special events in 2014 and beyond such as lectures, blogs and articles.

@WWMGT (What Would Martin Gardner Tweet?) aims to draw attention to fun items largely in the spirit of the "Mathemagical Games" column Martin wrote for many years. On weekdays it tweets about puzzles, games, recreational mathematics and the like, and on weekends about areas such as wordplay, verse, Alice, Oz, magic, skepticism, and religion and philosophy.

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